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Paulo Pereira
Considering many dogs also suffer stress in consultation, are there numbers to compare the reactions in both species?
Hpw do you manage stressed-out cats during hospitalization? (the ones that are in constant "fight&flight" mode, that just give up eating - or living - it seems
Patricia Branco
What your opinion on letting the cat freely roam on the consultation room? Advantages of exploring versus disadvantages of fear related ferormornes left by other cats that have previous been in the room?
you keep them on gabapentin (besides feline feromones and "cat-friendly" handling and environment, of course)
are there any specific trainings/courses you can recommend for vets and vet nurses wanting to increse their knowledge about Cat Friendly handling? (besides the great ISFM and icatcare.org webinars)? Or is this a "hand-on" only kind of thing?
Muitos parabéns e muito obrigado pela excelente organização!